About Us At ATL Roofing Pros

Owner of ATL Roofing Pros Ms. Kelly Monroe

Kelly-MonroeATL Roofing Pros has been officially doing business since March of 2010.  Kelly Monroe has extensive knowledge and experience with interior and exterior design, home decor and job management. She has a special talent when it comes to helping homeowners with their designs. It’s been amazing to watch how she can transform the appearance of a home by changing something as simple as paint colors. Kelly also stays on top of the latest designs and fashion so you know you’re in good hands if she’s helping you with any aspect of your home design!

Being familiar with all the different aspects of building and renovation is important when planning and performing any roof installation or repair. While many roofing companies have a lack of understanding of how the basic construction of a structure is done, ATL Roofing Pros has extensive experience in all aspects of the building industry.

“In 2009, I noticed there was a lack of qualified and reputable companies in the roofing space in the Atlanta area. So we decided to form ATL Roofing Pros to provide homeowners with a trustworthy and experienced choice when it comes time to replace their roof. So we formed ATL Roofing Pros, your Best choice in a roofing company in the Metro Atlanta area.”